5 Ways to bring a “WOW” factor in your powder room

Whether you own or rent, you too can have a luxurious powder room without doing a huge renovation or breaking the bank. Making a few changes and/or additions to the space will elevate its style. It’s about making smart use of the space and keeping everything to scale.

Opting for a sleek streamlined look or a traditional style, here are some ideas to make an impact in the space. Remember, keep it open and uncluttered.

Here are a few tips to take OLD to WOW:

Dress the Walls

This is the best spot to add wallpaper, and will make a statement when guests use the space. This option allows you to do an accent wall or do the whole space, in something unexpected. It can set the tone for creating an atmosphere that tells its own story from every other space in your home. As I mentioned above, remember the size of the print and the scale in comparison to the small space are important, to incorporate in your plan when updating.

If you are not a fan of wallpaper, not to worry. Either go with a bold colour and say “holy cow, I can’t believe I chose that colour” or stick to a safe neutral colour throughout the space. By doing the full space the same neutral palette, it makes it appear larger than it is. It’s your space, you must love it!

Let There be Light

Lighting has two roles – function and aesthetics. Good lighting is essential in this space. By adding a fun, funky light, adds the element of fun. Adding gorgeous, gender neutral wall scones beside the mirror adds a “wow” factor! If possible, allow as much natural light in as possible. A bonus for this space, is if you can add a dimmer switch.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Say goodbye to that standard builder’s mirror and add an element of fun & flair. Although powder rooms are small, you can pack them with a punch, by adding an unusual or even better, a unique shaped mirror. A lot of people don’t consider the mirror, however, change it and find something that you love and adds another element to your story.

Hardware & Tapware

This element is what bring the whole space together and gives it that luxurious touch. You want to ensure you consider the finish and style that keeps with the flow, with the other selections in the space. i.e.; not brass, silver and nickel all in the same space. Choose something, sleek and simple, that you love. If possible, install a pedestal sink which gives an openness and makes the space seem bigger. Good-bye old chunky vanity. Don’t forget to get towel rack or towel ring, in the same tones, as your hardware, before you mount them to the wall.

Accessories Here We Come

It’s all in the details, my friends. Let’s get started. Bring in a comfy 2 x 3 rug for in front of the sink. No soap dish – gone, gone, gone. You want the aesthetics to look and feel good. Choose a fancy fragrance soap dispenser and indulge in two or three luscious hand towels. Bring a small piece of nature in, with a small/medium size hanging plant. Hello outdoors 😊. If there is no storage, add a small modular piece of furniture on the wall and keeps a streamlined look.

You will be surprised with a few subtle additions/updates like – wow wallpaper, wall scones to die for, and amazing hardware – you will be able to transform this space completely. Remember, its all about your personality and your story in your home.

Hope these tips inspire you to makes some additions or changes. Have some fun! And know, were always just a phone call away.

Until Next Time!