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Fool-proof Techniques to “UP” Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal matters! Just like first impressions matter. From the outside of your home to the inside. Transforming your exteriors look by updating the quick and easy things first. Like cleaning up the grass, to trimming the trees to a good sweep with a broom. Here are some tips to get you started. I get it – some projects outside feel like so much work, but have some fun with it, and do it in small bits.


Planter Beds, Window Boxes & Ground Plants, will instantly add colour and charm. Keep in mind a colour theme. Sometimes putting every colour flower, can get to busy looking. I’m sure you all know by now, I love pink, so I do pink, white and yellow. Its eye catching and fun. Highlight the corners of your property, along the driveway and along your entryway, with colour. As with everything for your home, mix the plant and flower sizes, colour and textures. This goes for small bushes and flowering small trees. Now, that wasn’t difficult, was it? On another note for colour, any paint chip in the Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams deck, can be used as an outdoor colour. The trick here is to keep it neutral and than add your pop of colour. Work with your brick or siding colour, to get you started.                                        


One of the biggest differences when updating your exterior appeal is landscaping. Don’t go out and buy a whole bunch of small shrubs/trees and just plant them in empty spots. You need to take some time and come up with a plan for the landscape. You need to consider having a good balance; with the lawn, plants, shrubs, and your pathway lighting. You always want to try and give your house the appearance, that the outside marries the inside. I am not a landscape designer, however if you’re a local in the Newmarket/Aurora area, consider having a chat with New Roots Garden Centre, they are family owned and extremely knowledgeable. (I do not get any kickbacks from them; they offer a complimentary quote – you can’t get any better than that!).

Front Door

People often neglect to update their front door. This one people always seem to forget about. However, this is your vocal point, so go to town! A fresh coat of paint or stain on the door would be great. And update the hardware on the door too. If your budget allows, purchase a new door (there are sales all the time) and what a grand entrance it will make. Choose a nice pop colour for the door. People think that everything must match. What matters is that it all flows. You don’t want a bright green door on a red brick house, with a black garage. That’s what I mean, too much going on and to many colours! Having some type of window in the door at the top of it or in the middle, will allow the natural light in. Once that’s done, don’t forget to add a huge outdoor welcome mat. It’s very inviting for your guests.


Create a red-carpet entryway! Great lighting is inviting to your visitors and delivery people. Add some low voltage landscape walkway lights. This makes a great impact, in addition to providing safety and security. Add fixtures by your doorway and a clear bright light above your house numbers (this is critical for emergency people, to be able to read house numbers). Add wall scones on each side of the front door. And don’t forget garage lighting. Two large glass coach lights will light up the front of your home and your driveway. Lighting inside and out is the key element in any design project.

Gutters, Down Spouts & Railings

If you have an older home with aged gutters, downspouts and/or peeling paint – I recommend to replace it. Adding a fresh coat of paint or some new siding will instantly transform your curb appeal. If you happen to be going to list your house, anytime you see cracks or rust, it can turn away potential buyers (just saying!). Also, repair any cracks or holes in your driveway, to freshen up the overall look of your home.

So take some time, stand out in front of your home and see what needs updating, fixing or just cleaning up. Create a simple, step by step plan and get started. If you start now, in the next couple of weeks you will be all done. And then you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful new and updated curb appeal you’ve created. If you get stuck or overwhelmed, reach out for help.

Your style, our expertise!

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