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Decorating Your Home on a BUDGET!

Creating an impact for your living-room (or another room in your home), that is affordable and can spice up your space, doesn’t have to be stressful.

Before we breakdown some budget friendly ideas, it’s important to ensure that the space you want to change is: de-cluttered, clean, and organized. This helps make the process go a lot smoother.


Bring it on! This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transform a room. You can either go for a new dramatic look with a deep colour or a safe bet – a neutral colour. When choosing a neutral wall, it often allows for easy rotation of seasonal accents. However, if you consider the dramatic impact (love it), start by doing one wall and see how you like it. For example, a soft white keeps the space light and airy. Some people love everything light and then accent with soft darker tones in furnishings, carpets or cushions. Farm houses and ranch style homes use this colour a lot, especially their kitchens and front hallways.

I wanted to tell you a little secret. Behr Marquee paint (available at Home Depot) offers a one-coat coverage, so you don’t have to buy a primer as well as paint. Just saying…

Cushions and Pillows

Here is where you can have some fun! I love changing pillows, adding pillows, even throwing pillows. And keep up with all the fun, try not to do all matchy, matchy ones, mix it up – I say anything goes!

One important thing to remember when doing cushions, is to make sure you use or purchase ones that are big – like 22 inches and above. Nothing looks more awkward than when the cushions are too small for the piece they are placed on. Or you can sew your own – this always makes for a good story. Another easy way to purchase expensive pillows is purchase them after the season has passed and keep them in a clear bag with a bounce sheet for next season.

Window Treatments

There are many options when it comes to window treatments. And what you prefer on your windows. For myself, we only have curtains up in the dining-room, because you can see it from the pathway. All the other windows in my home have blinds, to allow for as much natural light as possible. But that’s just me. If you like, you can use white sheers all year round. However, to introduce a fresh element, try choosing linen gray treatments for a change and for the long dreary cold winter months.

Another tip is to always hang your curtains or window treatments as close to the ceiling as you can. Why? This draws your eye up and creates the illusions of bigger and fuller. And if you’re crafty, you can go to your local fabric store and purchase some fabric, grommets and thread, and you can create your own.                                                            

Shop Your Own Home

Walk through your space and see what is in the cupboards, bedrooms, storage closet etc. and see if you can re-purpose some accessories from there and bring them into the living-room. More times than I can count, people have interesting items stored above the fridge or on a high shelf. See what’s there and be creative, to see how you can repurpose it. Grab some baskets and place a few up to-date magazines or a throw blanket in and use it to accessorize the end table beside the couch. So cozy!

An heirloom piece, a serving tray, a small lamp, some old pictures (which you can re-frame yourself), a small dish that is too small for any eating purpose, throw a couple of crystals, some little candies etc. in it and place on an end table. Use them and again, and they tell another story. Show off your own personal style.

If you have plants or succulents, bring them into the space. If you don’t, I would recommend getting some. Most stores sell plants. They are good for oxygen in your space, they warm up your home and they bring the outdoors in. Succulents are the easiest and lowest maintenance plants to have. I have them sitting on my kitchen window ledge, so when I’m doing the dishes, I see them, and they make me smile.

We Can Help

These are just a few ideas to get you started. But add some pillows or change your lighting, add some paint or move around some throws and carpets. Just have some fun with it. Like I say, it’s your home, your stories. If you’re feeling stuck and really don’t know what you do, feel free to send us a note and a photo and we’ll send you some ideas. And of course, feel free to contact us directly by email.

Happy Decorating!


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