Furnishing Tips For Downsizing

Have you been considering downsizing? Have you thought about what you might be keeping? Will those pieces fit? Will they work for your new space? These are all important questions to think about when downsizing – think simple and multi-functional.

Here are some helpful multi-functional pieces to consider when downsizing.


Sleeper Sofa

Whether you’re in a one or two bedroom condo, consider a good sleeper sofa for a couple of reasons. 1) you have a spot where your guest(s) can sleep and/or 2) it can be your main piece of furniture, but still be used for sleeping.

Murphy Beds

Another great option for a second bedroom or even a one bedroom. They can be custom fit to your space. They are multi-functional and can be used as an office desk.

Book Stacking/Floating Shelves

You don’t want book shelves everywhere, so one or two is suggested. They are good for displaying special items, books, dishes, crystal jugs, glasses etc.

Storage Benches

Great for many purposes is the multi-functional storage bench. The bench can hold your extra bedding, towels, etc. and can be used as a foot stool and or coffee table. If there is no lid to the bench, you can put two or three baskets underneath them with items in the baskets. We have one in the studio, see below.

Folding Chairs

If you entertain a lot, folding chairs are a great option and they are easy to store. They are comfortable and come in different colours. Storing beside your washer/dryer, or in your front closet is convenient.

Ottomans/Floor Cushions

These look great in any space and most of the floor cushions are stackable. With most ottomans the lid comes off, so you can stow away items. They can be used as extra seating, a foot stool or a small table to house your beverages or snacks.


Three or four drawer dressers can be used as a bedside table with your clothes or extra bedding easily stored away. (We actually just did this for a client and she loved the idea). You can change up the handles to make it more modern looking (if it’s an older type dresser). Place a lamp, reading glasses and clock on top and now it’s a nightstand for duel usage.


If you have a bed that is off the floor (which most are) you can get drawers to go underneath to create extra storage. They are a huge space saver and you can get ones made with wheels at a low cost when working within a budget.

Nesting Tables

A set of tables that nest in as one are perfect options to create extra space and are multi-functional. They are easy to pull in and use to entertain, hold a lamp, plant, books etc.

Cristollo Coffee Table

This type of coffee table lifts up, stores stuff underneath the lifting lid and also converts into a desk and dining table. These are a little more unique and a tad expensive, but are a good investment if you are tight for space.

Helpful Hints:

  • When choosing paint, choose a light colour and keep it consistent throughout the space. It will help keep the space light and airy.
  • Measure everything – don’t overcrowd your new space or under furnish it with too many small pieces. It’s all to scale. Remember, you can’t take everything with you. If you’re living in a large place, you need to start purging six months before you move.
  • Drapery – Consider full length, ceiling floor is usually a good rule of thumb for most spaces that require drapery. Depending on where the window/door is located, will help decide if it’s wall-to-wall or just the window itself that needs coverage.
  • Stackable shoe racks are a must – especially if you’re a shoe-a-holic! personally, I am purse-a-holic.
  • Get things on wheels – it makes your life easier to move things and it keeps your furnishings off the floor.

Remember, if you feel overwhelmed and need some help with the downsizing, reach out for help!

5 Essentials to Stock That Summer Bar Cart

Make the most of your summer entertaining with a well put together cocktail cart. Make it stylish, fun and decorative – without cluttering it up.

These essentials listed below make it easy for you and your guests to self-serve, relax and enjoy themselves.

I have this cart in the studio and what I love about it is all the tiers close in to make it more compact.


All you need for every cocktail!

You will need a good set of bar tools:

  • A shaker, muddler, bottle opener, jigger, metal spring strainer.
  • An insulated ice bucket and metal tongs. (keeps the ice longer)
  • Swizzle stir sticks – preferably glass ones.
  • A small cocktail recipe book.


Let’s get this party started

  • Whisky
  • Vodka
  • Tequila
  • Gin
  • Run
  • Red & White wine
  • Beer


Let’s mix it up friends

  • Dry Vermouth
  • Triple Sec
  • Soda water & a few cans of pop
  • Lemons, limes, cherries, olives (you can pre-cut the lemons & limes), whatever you fancy in your drinks and put them in small bowls.
  • Simple syrups – if you only have large bottles – pour some syrup into small squeeze bottles and put those out for your guests.

Original Pic: Clean And Scentsible


 It’s all about self-serve

  • Stylish Cocktail glasses
  • Rock Glasses – nice cut glass – Crate & Barrel have some lovely, inexpensive ones!
  • Collins glasses – this is your taller glass.
  • One size wine glass – serve red or white wine in them.
  • Cloth napkins – that match your colour scheme.
  • Coloured paper straws & stir sticks.

Original Pic: The Creativity Exchange


Keep it simple

  • Fresh flowers – add beauty, colour and aroma to the space. (remember to keep size in mind)
  • Add a decorative pitcher or beautiful glass dispenser – again remember size.
  • Custom coasters – most people have lots of these hanging around.

Original Pic: Pinterest: Style Me Pretty

Bar carts make you feel like the hostess with the mostess, without having to lift a finger. In your small space, this is another multi functional piece (but that’s the next blog).

Remember to keep it simple! You don’t need to cram everything in it and fill every inch of the cart – stay away from the cluttered look. Think small and small sized alcohol bottles. You can keep the larger bottles in a cupboard in the kitchen or hall cupboards should you need to re-stock. Most bar carts are on wheels, so you can move them around – that’s what I love about them.

Enjoy your next cocktail!