Letting Go & Simplifying Your Living Space

Well, you’re here, so you must be thinking about living simpler – Welcome! Please
remember that this is a journey. It took you awhile to accumulate the things in your
possession and change is a process. We live in times of large homes filled to the brim with
stuff – and not to mention the garage! It’s important to keep in mind that this is a mind
shift and requires small steps to learning to live with less and live a simple, quieter life.
Don’t judge yourself, or let others judge you. It’s your life! It’s your journey.
Let’s shift your mindset so you can start letting go of those things you are not using and
are no longer serving a purpose in your life. Once you do that, you will cultivate a sense
of appreciation for what is present in your life. Here are a few steps to get you started.

Getting Started

  • Get a piece of paper and write down your goals for your space
  • Once you’ve done that – break them down room by room
  • Schedule time in your calendar – 15-30 minutes
  • Set some clear intentions for yourself
  • Prioritize what’s important

Letting Go

  • Start with easy things, like your coffee mugs,
    only keep seven
  • It’s okay to let things go, especially when
    they are serving no purpose
  • Keep in mind – these are objects, material
    things – they don’t define who you are
  • Keep a box handy to put donated items in

The Hard Stuff

  • Clothes are tough – but did you know you wear 20% of what’s in your closet 80%
    of the time?
  • Be honest with yourself. If you’re trying to lose weight and think it might fit later,
    let it go. If you lose the weight (and you will) treat yourself to something new. Do
    you really want to wear those old clothes?
  • Attachment to certain items – if it is serving no purpose, ask yourself why you are
    keeping it. It’s ok to let it go.
  • Don’t keep things thinking “Oh, I might need it someday”, you won’t – especially if
    it’s been sitting around for a long time.

If you hit a road block and feel overwhelmed – take 
a break. Rest. Keep your goals and intentions in
mind, and get back at it. Just think of the benefits
of living simpler. Not only will living simpler save
you time and money, it will make you feel less
stressed and overwhelmed. By living simpler, you
will appreciate the simpler things and enjoy life in a
whole new way!


  • Less is better! A simple, less-cluttered space
    feels good!
  • If you bring something new in, something
    must go out.
  • Ask yourself when you’re shopping, “Do I
    really need this”?
  • Resist temptation
  • The idea is not to throw everything away, just lessen the amount of stuff you have
    When you live simpler, it brings a refreshing new perspective on life. It allows you to
    eliminate the unnecessary and helps you focus more on doing the things you love. If you
    don’t think you can do it alone, reach out for help.

“There are two ways to be rich. One is by acquiring much, the other by desiring little.”

– Jackie Coller


I hope this was helpful for you. I promise you, living with less is worth it.

Be happy, be kind!

Are you thinking of downsizing? Becoming empty nesters? Don’t know where to start…

Downsizing, no matter the reason for it is often emotional, overwhelming at times, daunting and just plain stressful. It isn’t an easy decision or process. You must start with the end goal in mind, that you’re moving to a much, much smaller space, and you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that you simply will not be able to take everything you currently have into the new space.  Otherwise, you’ll take everything with you; and it will end up costing you more money. I recommend to all my clients that they be in the right mindset from the get-go, and to be consciously ready to “let go of stuff”.

The whole purpose of downsizing your stuff, is to edit and only keep that which is functional and will fit in your new SMALLER space.

The following tips will help you to plan and execute your move with the most peace of mind!


Create a solid plan, it will help you to l be organized and have a clear frame of mind. By having a clear plan in mind, you will find it much easier to create a comfortable and stylish environment for your new space.

  • Set clear goals and expectations – write them down
  • As you go room by room – think smaller space and smaller scale pieces!
  • Know the size or have an idea of the size of space you will be downsizing to
  • Keep the word “KISS” in your head at all times – Keep It Simple Silly
  • Get supplies (boxes, plastic sturdy containers, tape, markers, labels, wrap paper, clear bags, only)
  • If you want to sell items, consider a garage sale, auction or consignment shop (I’ve listed a few at the bottom)

 Ask Yourself:  Do you love it? Do you use it? Is there someone I know that would

like it?


This is 100% necessary – you cannot take everything with you.

  • As you start the process, start one room at a time
  • Sort items into three categories:
    1. Keeping
    2. Nice to have, but won’t fit
    3. Donate/Recycle/Give away
  • Things you are keeping, place in clear storage bins, wrapped, labelled and put in a corner of the room (by doing this, it’s done and you don’t need to touch it again, until you are moved and un-packing).
  • The key is not to have to touch and sort things two and three times, be ruthless
  • Once you’ve made your decision – let it go! You can do this!
  • Enlist in some help – someone that will be honest and help you let go of stuff!

Remember – less is better – purge

Editing Furnishing

When editing and choosing pieces to keep – think smaller, quality pieces especially multi-functional items.

  • Trying to put large pieces of furniture in smaller space will make the space look out of place and feel cramped. More importantly – they may not fit in elevator, stairway or condo doorway – remember scale
  • Choose pieces that are light-weight that you can’t live without
  • Sentimental items – this is hard, I know, but you have to do it and you have to ask yourself “Does it bring me joy and serve a purpose”. You can always take a photo

of it.  Remember, you will always have the memories of them in your mind, heart and a photo. “I just let my grandmother’s gramophone go. I took a photo of it and have that to look back on. You may think I’m silly, but I gave it a hug and said, “Good-bye, you served me well for thirty years”.

  • Limit your collectibles – Keep a few and let the rest go or give them away to someone that will appreciate them as much as you
  • Keep only the pieces that can serve double duty in the new space

The above points will help you to start this project and will help to keep you on track.  Just remember, as you move forward continually ask yourself “will it fit in a smaller space, is it serving a purpose and do I really love it?”

I understand this is a big decision and may be very emotional for you. If you are considering downsizing to a condo, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary consultation and together we can discuss your plan.

My recommendations: (Please note, these are just suggestions, we do not receive compensation)

Auction Company – Maxsold.com

Consignment – theMillionairesDaughter.com

Donating – Canadian Diabetes, Big Brothers and Developmental Disabilities Association, there are many charities, these are just a few).